Sweeper Barraskewda


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Apr 19, 2020
You may be asking yourself what is a "standard" Pokemon sweeper. What is a sweeper? A sweeper Pokemon has very high Attack or Special Attack, and very high speed. The key is how to position your sweeper in the battle. Pokemon battles are a lot about identifying your opponents threats and dealing with them.

So the sweeper we want to highlight today is the threatening BARRASKEWDA. Classic sweeper with the stats, 60 HP/Def, SpAtk/SpDef 50 and a 123 in Attack and a 136 in Speed. This means you get him in safely, and try to eliminate the Pokemon he cant KO, and Barraskewda will take care of the rest. This set is pretty common, because it so obviously has 1 role to play. It has two amazing abilities.... Swift Swim DOUBLES his speed in the Rain and Propeller Tail ignores the effects of Pokemon that draw in moves. Both amazing abilities.

So the move set. You want to invest all EVs into Speed and Attack and a damage boosting item like a Life Orb. For our STAB (Same Type Attack Boost) attack Liquidation is the easy choice, Close Combat is a must,.. So our last 2 slots ....... We have Psychic Fangs, strong attack and breaks screens, Crunch and Poision Jab for coverage, and Aqua Jet which is a +1 Priority move..meaning it ignores Speed.

I will choose aqua jet for priority necessity to counter trick room which is a common opponent in ranked.

This set works for singles or doubles, and is a great candidate to Dynamax... The set is:

Barraskewda @ Life Orb

Swift Swim


252 Attack / 252 Speed / 4 HP


-Close Combat

-Psychic Fangs

-Aqua Jet

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