Too slow too terrible Torkoal


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Apr 19, 2020
Torkoal is one of the slowest Pokemon in the game.
A great candidate for Trick Room.​

Eruption is Torkoal's signature move. The move factors its damage output using a unique formula, that is shared with Water Spout. 150 x Current HP / Max HP. Basically at full HP, Eruption goes for a 150 base damage. Thanks to his ability Drought to bring the Sun, and boosting items like Charcoal. We are talking an absolute insane amount of power hitting BOTH opposing Pokemon if at full HP.

150 base, plus the Sun boost, plus the STAB boost, plus the item boost = ah helluva lot of damage​

Trick Room teams are by far the most popular way to use Torkoal. The best part is, he is not a Pokemon you want to Dynamax normally, because he can do more damage in mini turtle mode. So you put your opponent in a situation to focus your Dynamaxed Pokemon, or Torkoal. Usually Torkoal isn't the main target, leaving him to wither away your opponent's Pokemon.

Eruption does significantly lose its power as he loses HP. Heat Wave is a great option to have. Although it can be annoying to have 2 fire moves, Heat Wave still hits both Pokemon and for big damage. Torkoal can also use Solar Beam well, since he brings the sun with him. Earth Power, and Sludge Bomb are good coverage moves that can get a look as well.

This set we are covering is strictly for Doubles/VGC.

Torkoal's huge Defensive stat is something to note. It gives him other scenarios to be useful in VGC. Can be a sun setter for Chlorophyll Pokemon like Venusaur to flourish. Can be a good Pokemon next to an After You user. Also can be good to have on a team if you have trouble with Trick Room teams, as you can just throw him out there when your opponent uses Trick Room.

The set is:

Torkoal @ Charcoal
252 HP / 252 SpAtk / 4 Def
0Speed and Attack IVs

-Heat Wave
-Earth Power