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Apr 19, 2020

www.ZoneBros.com is a 16+ gaming community for All Gamers in mind. Our main goal and vision is to establish a community of gamers that want to be active in the community that they have helped to create by being involved. We also want people who discuss & play computer games, and also play games as a fun unit and as a clan, while maintaing the fun aspect.

We want and need members to be active, respectful and to have good manners towards other members. All members are encouraged to become involved in decision of the direction and the future of their gaming community. We make no difference in anyone of our members, as we are all equal and all have a say and input. Gamers of all skill levels from beginners to veterans are welcome to join up with us, as this is what makes the community unique. We Plan to host many Tournaments and competitions where you can win great prizes.

After joining, feel free to browse our topics and discussions, but please do remember to Introduce Yourself to our community, and also maintain an active role on site, by posting, discussing or creating topics!

Why join ZoneBros Community?

- Our site is easy to use and navigate

- The atmosphere and vibe relaxed and chilled, no worries on being flamed or harassed by members.

- Place for everyone's' tastes and skills in gaming, ranging from fun Tournaments to Online battles.

- A chance to chat an talk about everything gaming...and more!