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Apr 19, 2020
ZoneBros Community Rules

Welcome to ZoneBros, the ultimate resource for Gamers. We are a true community of like-minded Gamers. See reviews, chat with others, rant about games join competitions & win prizes and more! Mainly PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, iOS, Android, PC, Stadia and more.

Posting Rules

tiny_pokeball.gif No SPAM

(Stupid, pointless, annoying messages). Try and stay on topic within a thread or your posts may be deleted!

tiny_pokeball.gif No trolling

(Posting deliberately provocative messages with the intention of causing maximum disruption and argument). This is a fun community and there's no place for people being rude, annoying or harassing others!

tiny_pokeball.gif No double posting

If you are the last one who posted in a thread and you need to post again, edit your previous post. This rule does not apply in some boards, for example the art or writing boards. Please check the rules of those boards for more details.

tiny_pokeball.gif Thread revival is okay

You may post in old threads, but please do not post in threads that are no longer relevant (eg. a thread about an event that is finished or guessing something about a game that already came out).

tiny_pokeball.gif No foul language

Any foul language directed at another member will result in an infraction. Do not attempt to get around the bad word filter. Using * to indicate cussing is allowed but please try and keep this to a minimum. You may be asked to tone it down if you use this excessively, and you may not direct it toward a member.

tiny_pokeball.gif Keep the content of all posts at PG-13

Some leeway is allowed in the art and writing boards. Please refer to the rules of those boards for more details. However, we still do not allow anything overly violent or sexual on the forum.

tiny_pokeball.gif You may not distribute/share links to illegal content

This includes TV shows, music, games (including raw ROMs) etc., but discussion of ROMs and links to ROM hacking projects are allowed.

tiny_pokeball.gif No flaming, harassment or bullying

Being rude or mean to other members will not be tolerated and may result in an immediate ban with no warning.

Warnings, Infractions and Bans

tiny_pokeball.gif Warnings

For a minor first offense you will usually be given a warning. No official action is taken, it is just a reminder of the forum rules.


For more serious offenses or for repeated offenses, you will be issued infraction points. These points are retained on your account. If you accumulate too many infraction points in a short time frame, you will be temporarily and eventually permanently banned from the forum.

tiny_pokeball.gif Bans

For receiving too many infractions, or for very serious offenses, such as posting inappropriate content or harassing other members, you may be temporarily or permanently banned. Forum bans also apply to the official Pokemon Crossroads Skype, Discord server, Showdown server, and other off-forum activities.

tiny_pokeball.gif Disputing an infraction or ban

If you believe you have been unfairly infracted or banned, please contact a Senior Administrator by email or instant messaging service to discuss it. While we are open to giving second chances under some circumstances, making a new account to try to circumvent the ban or harassing staff members will result in a LIFELONG ban.

Avatar and Signature Restrictions

tiny_pokeball.gif Size restrictions

We are quite relaxed about these, however if your signature is ridiculously large it may be removed without warning. Your signature should not be over 500px high or 800px wide, MAXIMUM.

tiny_pokeball.gif Content restrictions

Signatures and avatars must be PG-13 and may not contain any foul language, derogatory, sexual, prejudice, or otherwise inappropriate content displayed in the image itself or in the text. They will be removed without warning and you may be infracted.

tiny_pokeball.gif Questions and Suggestions

If you don't want to contact a staff member directly, or have a suggestion that would benefit from community input, you may post in the Suggestion/Question Box. Our staff regularly check this forum and we love feedback and new ideas!


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